Monday, September 29, 2008


Chief Chinchilla -J-Zone’s off the wall sidekick on the Gator$-n-Fur$ mixshow- has finally recorded an album, but this is no ordinary rap album. The entire project -titled Live @ The Liqua Sto- revolves around malt liquor advertising and is based on the popular St. Ides Malt Liquor commercials of the early 1990’s. Everything from Colt 45 to that nasty Crazy Horse gets an 80 second advertisement (the album is only 40 minutes long). Even fictional malt liquors -Pimp Potion, Hillbilly Beer, Calvin’s Hard Lemonade- get a funky jungle. This album will replace the Gator$-n-Fur$ Mixshow for October and November 2008.

This is a LIMITED EDITION CD RELEASE (less than 1000 copies pressed) and will have instrumentals as a bonus feature (instrumentals not available on itunes version). Produced entirely by J-Zone, Chief enlisted the help of some of their friends to drunkify -is that a word? ok, intoxicate- the party including RA The Rugged Man, Prince Paul…ah fuck it

Artist: J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla

Album: J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla Presents Live @ The Liqua Sto

Year: 2008

Average Bit Rate: 160 kbps (V2-Alt Preset Standard)

Size: 71.32 MB


01. Bein’ A Menace (Produced By: J-Zone)

02. A Message From E-Swift (of Tha Alkaholiks) (Produced By: J-Zone)

03. At The Bodega (Produced By: J-Zone)

04. Real Man Drank (That Billy D) (Produced By: J-Zone)

05. Mild Riot feat. Al Shid (Produced By: J-Zone)

06. Can I Get A Sip? (Produced By: J-Zone)

07. M.A.D.F.U Message (Produced By: J-Zone)

08. Facelift Malt (Produced By: J-Zone)

09. No Mo’ Cisco feat. The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet (Produced By: J-Zone)

10. Hillbilly Beer feat. Jethro The Rappin Redneck (Produced By: J-Zone)

11. Hi-N-Ergy! (Produced By: J-Zone)

12. Town Bizne$ feat. Ammbush (Produced By: J-Zone)

13. Callin’ Earl (Produced By: J-Zone)

14. Leave That Horse Alone! feat. Louis Logic, The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet (Produced By: J-Zone)

15. O’douls Is For Fools! (Produced By: J-Zone)

16. Calvin’s Hard Lemonade feat. Breeze Brewin (of The Juggaknots) (Produced By: J-Zone)

17. Harden The F*Ck Up! (Produced By: J-Zone)

18. Zodiac (Produced By: J-Zone)

19. 8 Ball Scratch (Produced By: J-Zone)

20. Hey Mon Brew feat. Creyesis - Jamaican MC (Produced By: J-Zone)

21. A Message From Prince Paul (Produced By: J-Zone)

22. Bo$ Hog Egg Nog feat. Dick $Tallion (Produced By: J-Zone)

23. Pimp Potion feat. Celph Titled (Produced By: J-Zone)

24. Project Paradise feat. Poison Pen (Produced By: J-Zone)

25. Lindell The Wino (Produced By: J-Zone)

26. Fall Down Brew feat. RA The Rugged Man (Produced By: J-Zone)

27. Bigg Buzz Beer feat. Crazy DJ Bazarro (Produced By: J-Zone)

28. The Piss Test (Produced By: J-Zone)

29. Pour Out The Suds (Produced By: J-Zone)

30. The Drug Song (Produced By: J-Zone)

31. 31-51: Instrumentals

Total Length: 1 hour 1 minute




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