Thursday, November 20, 2008


New Evidence EP courtesy of Decon.  “Cats and Dogs” LP

coming soon

The Layover - Prod by Khrysis

For Whom the Bell Tolls (feat. Phonte, Blue,

Will.I.Am) - prod by Khysis

So Fresh - Step Brothers - prod by The Alchemist

Solitary Confinement (feat. Krondon) - prod by Sid


Don’t Hate (feat. Defari) - prod by Evidence

My Favorite Part of Traveling (Interlude)

The Far Left (feat. The Alchemist and Fashawn) - prod

by The Alchemist

Rain or Shine prod by Babu

To Be Determined (feat Elzhi and Aloe Blacc) - prod by

The Alchemist

The Cold Weather - prod by Evidence

Street Date - November 25th, 2008

CMS we are still the best

d a t a

#    t r a c k  n a m e                        t i m e

01-  The Layover                                [03:01]

02-  For Whom the Bell Tolls                    [04:27]

(Feat. Phonte, Blue, Will.I.Am)

03-  So Fresh - Step Brothers                  [03:59]

04-  Solitary Confinement (Feat. Krondon)      [03:01]

05-  Don’t Hate (Feat. Defari)                  [03:56]

06-  My Favorite Part of Traveling (Interlude)  [01:23]

07-  The Far Left                              [03:38]

(Feat. the Alchemist and Fashawn)

08-  Rain or Shine                              [03:26]

09-  To Be Determined                          [04:13]

(Feat Elzhi and Aloe Blacc)

10-  The Cold Weather                          [03:53]


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